Is He Really That Bad, Or Am I Just Too Sensitive?

Do you often ask yourself if you're being too sensitive to your partner's behavior?

On the outside, your life looks perfect. 

You have the house, the social life, kids, and everything you want...except your relationship feels empty.

You lack a deep emotional connection with your spouse, and every time you try to address problems in the relationship you experience conflict, and are made to feel it is YOU that is the issue.

Are You Experiencing Any Of The Following?

If you can relate to this, you NEED this course!

Inside You'll Learn:

  • Is It Really That Bad"? Understanding Abuse and The Manipulation and Control Tactics That Define Narcissistic Abuse
  •  Seminar | Getting Clarity: Am I Experiencing Emotional Abuse?
  • How to track cycles and behaviours so you can stop questioning yourself 

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Disclaimer: This audio product and information contained within it, is not a substitute for counselling, and is meant for information purposes only. If you are experiencing Domestic Violence (DV) please call the National Domestic Violence Hotline 365/24/7 at 1-800-799-7233

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