Take Space | 30 Days To Regain Your Energy and Get Clarity On Your Next Steps

Nothing Changes Until YOU Change  

Start putting YOU back into the equation, break your codependent people-pleasing patterns, and take back your power 

How often do you find yourself asking "Is it really that bad? Or am I making too much of things?"

If you're ready to dive into the deeper inner work required to heal your toxic relationship patterns, this is the perfect place to begin.

In this course, you will:

  • Identify the cycle of covert narcissistic abuse and the specific behaviors that CONFIRM without a doubt you are experiencing narcissistic abuse (without having him diagnosed) so you can stop questioning yourself 
  • How To Break the Cycle of Highs and Lows, and stop feeling trapped through doing the inner work and changing your psychology and inner patterns that keep you in a victim mentality
  • How to protect your sensitivity and why being a successful, sensitive woman makes us susceptible to attracting a narcissistic man (and tolerating bad behavior)
  • The Narcissistic Abuse Effect and how I determine if a woman is experiencing narcissistic abuse WITHOUT hearing about her partner's behaviours (hint: it is confirmed with YOUR symptoms which I cover in depth in this class)
  • How to start healing your nervous system and traumatic experiences through somatic mind-body work
  • How to take care of your emotional and mental health, release stress and anxiety, and sleep better with my toolkit of simple and pleasurable practices and tools you can use for daily maintenance as well as in the moment when you're feeling overwhelmed 

    And, I've included some value packed bonuses:

    BONUS #1

    The Women and Money Empowerment Course ($97 value)

    My audio course is designed to get you thinking and acting differently about money and learn the first steps for how to reclaim your power in this area. If you feel limited due to finances and a controlling spouse, or know you need to get this area of your life straightened out, this course will kickstart a new direction for you to take!

    BONUS #2

    The Emotional Stress Release Toolkit Includes:

    • How To Move Through Intense Emotions
    •  The 21 Day Write & Burn Emotional Clearing Process
    • The Self Coaching Process for Shifting Out of a Downward Spiral
    • The Mental Clearing Exercise for Getting Out Of Overwhelm

    BONUS #3

    Exit Planning Bundle

    • I Want a Divorce, Now What? Your Next Steps and How To Keep Moving Forward With Your Decision Despite Fear and Self Doubts
    • When You Know You Need to Go: Exit Planning Framework and Checklist 

    This course with bonuses would normally be $997...

    You get it today for one easy payment of $297 USD 

    All materials are accessible on any device, and the audios are downloadable. You have lifetime access (lifetime of the program) to all materials 24/7 as many times as you like. 

    *Product shows up as "SheRisesInc" or "LEANNEOATENCOACHING"  item description "course" on your banking statement.

    10 Modules

    MODULE 3| Understanding Being An Empathic, Highly Sensitive Woman and Why This Makes You Vulnerable Toxic Relationships

    MODULE 4 | The Narcissistic Abuse Effect | How Your Health and Wellbeing Are Directly Affected By The Cycle

    BONUS | Emotional Clearing and Stress Release

    Tapping into your emotions is critical to having good health, steady energy, healthy relationships, and a successful business and career life. 

    Modules for this product 10
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    Disclaimer: This audio product and the information contained within it, are not a substitute for counselling, and are intended for information purposes only. If you are experiencing Domestic Violence (DV) please call the National Domestic Violence Hotline 365/24/7 at 1-800-799-7233

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