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Own Your Power Bootcamp

Own Your Power Bootcamp

Learn the Steps to Reclaiming Your Power and Leading the Way to Change in your Life and Relationship 

The Own Your Power Bootcamp is specifically for women who are experiencing manipulation and emotional abuse from a partner who has narcissistic traits.

In her 'No BS' style, Leanne Oaten walks you through some powerful exercises to help you get clear on your part in the dysfunctional dance in your relationship that is keeping the cycle going.

After completing this series and doing the self reflection  exercises, you'll no longer be questioning if what you're experiencing is "all in your head" and will instead feel more clarity and focus around what the process for change actually looks like. 

No more spinning your wheels falling into the same patterns.

The bootcamp covers the framework and process I walk women through inside of my End The Cycle Program, and offers you transformational mindset shifts and self reflection prompts to pause the videos and journal to deepen your growth. 

Once you purchase the bootcamp you'll have instant and unlimited access to the materials for 30 days. 

This is not suitable for women who are experiencing extreme emotional abuse or physical violence. If you are in this situation, you must seek local support to get the proper intervention and guidance to stay safe.

The OYP Bootcamp does not include coaching or support and is completely self study. 

Own Your Power Bootcamp Feedback:

"The topics you hit on here were *spot on*.  I no longer doubt that I'm in a covert/abusive relationship. I don't know whether to celebrate that or bawl my eyes out... but honestly, I've gone through the wringer questioning myself and analyzing our interactions and these teeny tiny moments have led me exactly this final place of knowing. Wow. you ARE incredibly gifted at unraveling years of crazy making and fog. Thank you for this incredible gift. Today marks day 1 on my path that I am finally awake". - OYP Bootcamp Participant

"I'm still adjusting to the idea that this is my life. My husband is exhibits covert narcissism as you brain still questions 'well that's not my husband' but with the woman you described in the video, I can't believe how spot on it was - I think 'how do you know that?'! Never in a million years did I think I'd find myself being in this type of marriage" OYP Bootcamp Participant 

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Own Your Power Bootcamp

A 3 Part Video Bootcamp For Women Experiencing Toxic Relationship Dynamics with a Narcissistic Partner Who Want to Elevate Their Personal Power, and Break the Cycle of Drama and Chaos 

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