Awakened and Energized | A Holistic Plan To Heal From Burnout

If you struggle to manage your emotions and use food or other unhealthy habits to soothe your stress and feel exhausted from the constant pressure you're facing every day, and you wear the badge of honor that says "I can do it all by myself" you have come to the right place.

I worked with women in my holistic counselling practice starting in 2011, and I specialized in emotional eating, diet, body obsession, and burnout recovery for women.

Inside this course, you get access to all of my signature plans:

  •  Holistic Adrenal Healing Plan: How to heal and manage Adrenal Fatigue, or High/low cortisol through diet, lifestyle, mindset, and stress management: If you feel perpetually exhausted, even after sleeping for 8 hours, crash at 3 pm, crave the carbs, sugar, and caffeine fix to keep you going, I will show you what to do instead for more steady energy and avoiding overeating the things that make you feel like sh*t
  •  Food Freedom Course: How to curb the feast and famine cycle of diet and exercise: if you struggle to find a healthy balance and find you overeat, and compensate by under-eating the next day, or vowing to tighten up on Monday, there is a deeper emotional issue at play
  • Prioritize and improve your sleep - this is ESSENTIAL for hormone and cortisol balance, as well as having control over what we put in our mouths 
  • Emotional Freedom Practices for clearing emotions and letting go of stress 
  • Empowered Self-Care: No more excuses that you don't have time to devote to yourself! Learn how to create your own healing plan and commit to your self care!

6 Modules

Aligned and Energized: Reclaiming Your Wholeness

Welcome to the The Aligned and Energized Program

Your health is directly impacted by the levels of stress you've been under within your relationship dynamic. 

The body follows the mind, and even more, follows our dominant emotional state. 

Somatic health symptoms are ailments that are chronic in nature, and tent to have no medically based answers, and are psychologically and emotionally rooted. 

Emotional Clearing and Stress Release

Tapping into our emotions is critical to heaving good health, steady energy, healthy relationships and a successful business and career life. 

In this module, you'll find practices, tools and exercises to help you shift out of emotional stress faster, so you can feel less emotionally reactive, overwhelmed, and more calm, focused and grounded. 

Prioritize Getting Better Sleep

Improve your sleep using new healthy habits and evening rituals.

Empowered Self Care

Self care is the foundation for everything. 

If you've been telling yourself you don't have time for self care, this module will show you why you MUST care about self care, and making yourself, mind, body, emotions and soul a TOP priority every single day.

You've been putting too much focus on your partner, and not enough focus on YOU. Now it's time to flip that around, and move away from what you do not have control or power to change (him) and pour focus and energy into you.

The Un-Diet Approach to Maximum Energy and Natural Weight Loss

If you struggle with weight loss, emotional eating, and negative body image, this module is going to shed some light on the deeper meaning underneath your food and body pain.

The Adrenal Fatigue Reboot Detox

This is the Adrenal Health protocol I myself followed as part of my stage 3 Adrenal fatigue recovery process, along with dealing with the stress in my life and caring for my whole being. 

On the physical side, it's important to make sure you know what foods your body is reacting to, and what foods and physical activity is most suited for your particular body. 

Modules for this product 6
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