End the Cycle Evolve Mentorship Program | Supported Self Study

Shift the patterns of crazymaking arguments, tension, and conflict  in your relationship starting today with a proven process that actually moves you toward rapid change

A high- touch 6 month mentoring and coaching program taught by a trained Therapist with a background in Counselling Psychology and Master Transformation Coach with over 9 years of experience leading women into their power

After only 30 days in the program how one woman ended the cycle in her marriage:

"Since becoming a boundary badass from your program, I have found it incredibly difficult to move backwards and settle for less than I deserve. I have since moved out into my own apartment, became a single mom of two toddlers, and I got a full time job in the hospital where they are paying for my medical assisting certification. My life is spinning. In a positive, liberating direction. But still spinning.  It’s extremely important to me to continue this program and learn and gain tools. And the biggest thank you, for showing me my strengths that have always been there and teaching me to implement my worthiness. I’m so thankful for you." ~ETCE Warrior 

What you get inside:

  • Private Facebook community to connect with other women and ask your questions as you go through the program
  • Monthly group coaching + Q & A live sessions with Leanne 
  • The entire End the Cycle process, step by step to help you navigate your way out of the relationship and have a solid plan to exit
  • Support in the community for every phase of the program 

9 Modules

(Please start here) Orientation, Essentials, Live Coaching Call Info

I know you're excited to get started, but first, let's lay the foundation for what is coming. Please go through this entire module 0, and complete the preparation steps to set yourself up for ultimate success and transformation. 

PHASE 1 | Your First 30 Days: Get Clarity on The Cycle and Reclaim Your Inner Peace

Know the Cycle, Set New Boundaries, Reclaim Your Emotional Balance

This is the core of ETCE, and is my signature process for awakening to the abuse you have been experiencing, and how to begin to take back your power in the dynamic.

In this module, we are going deep into the understanding of the cycle of abuse, the phases, specific behaviors you can watch for in your partner, how you might be feeling, and how to remove yourself from the crazy-making.

PHASE 2 | Become a Boundary Badass: Setting Sacred Limits andBoundaries - Without Guilt

Become a Boundary Badass

The No Bullshit Way to Unapologetically Claiming Your Own Space

In this module, we are focusing on the big B word, yup...learning how to set powerful BOUNDARIES without feeling like a Bitch, letting go of guilt, no longer allowing your inner 'good girl' to run the show. 

PHASE 3 | Reclaiming Your Personal Power

Welcome to module 3, it's all about YOU feeling better and intentionally creating what YOU want 

We are diving into the fun part of the program, so you can breathe a little easier because we are going to get your life back on track!

The focus of this module is how to reclaim the parts of yourself you've abandoned and ignored for far too long, and bringing these parts back into your daily life. 

So dive in, and remember to come and post your takeaways in the group.


PHASE 5 | Maintenance + Deepening into the Work

Reflect on your progress, create your plan for continued healing and growth as well as ensure sure you don't end up back in the cycle 

PHASE 6 | Leaving the Relationship + Going No/Low Contact

Get past the stuck points that are keeping you in a relationship you know you need to leave, and learn what you expect when you exit

Leanne's Recommended Resources List

Here you'll find Leanne's hand selected recommendations for  books and other links and websites to take your journey deeper beyond this program. 

Modules for this product 9

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