30 Days To Freedom Bootcamp

A 30-Day Bootcamp Facilitated By Narcissistic Abuse Specialist and Former Therapist, Leanne Oaten

Get Out Of Your Own Way, Bust Through the Fear, And Plan Your Next Steps 

When you're experiencing narcissistic abuse and manipulation, mind control, and confusion, "just leave" is horrible advice.

What you need right now is to start getting CLARITY in your own mind, and connect to your own truth and reality off what you're experiencing.

You don't have to make any decisions about your relationship that you aren't ready to make, however, we are going to clear the confusion, and learn how to build self trust. 

The 30 Days To Freedom Bootcamp will help you break out of the traumatic trance you've been stuck in, and take some new actions toward claiming your freedom.

Freedom begins in your own mind, and taking charge of your life NOW, even if you can't see a way out of the relationship. 

The steps I will take you through are not to force you to make any decisions you're not ready for, but to get you to start thinking ahead so that you can feel more in charge of your life.

This bootcamp is for you if you relate to the following:

  • You know something needs to change, but don't know where to start with leaving the relationship
  • Fear you're making the wrong decision stops you in your tracks
  • You constantly doubt yourself and wonder if it's really as bad as it seems 
  • He promises he will change, so you're just waiting around for the next explosion or fight 
  • You doubt if there's anything better 'out there' for you or if you'll just end up in a worse situation 
  • Your partners 'niceties' come in waves, which leaves you wondering if he can change
  • You have the financial resources to make it on your own and execute your freedom plan (while you may still be concerned, you know you will be fine financially) 
  • You are desperate to end the pain, to feel safe, have peace in your home, and feel like you're enough
  • You know you can’t continue like this, you don’t know what that means but you know you've got to make a change 

Session 1 | Can He Change? Should You Give it More Time? How to Know His Sudden Behaviour Switch is Manipulation or Real Effort 

Session 2| Strengthening Yourself Mentally, Emotionally, and Physically 

Session 3 | Facing Overwhelm and Fear of the Unknown

Session 4 | Safety Planning (what you need to prepare for now, even if you aren't ready to leave)

These are some of the topics we will be addressing in the boot camp.

Here's a sneak peak of the outline...

ou're not ready to leave)

What's included:

  • The program consists of pre-recorded audio/video sessions, written homework, printable checklists, recommended resources and your step-by-step plan ($1997 value)
  • 4 live group Q & A sessions ($3,200 value)
  • 30 days access to the Facebook group for questions and sisterhood ($500 value)
  • 12 monthly of check ins and accountability reminders and 'pep talks' sent to your inbox ($200 value)
  • 30 minute 1:1 call with Leanne at the end of the program to debrief on your program progress ($700) 

Total Program value: $6,897

You get all of this for only one payment of $997

(Use coupon code HALFOFFBOOTCAMP to save 50%. Only 10 spots available)

While this boot camp is run with live support over 30 days, you may not be ready to physically exit by the end, but you will have your freedom plan strategy, and know exactly what you need to do to keep moving forward. 

You will be given an additional 6 months of access to the program materials to refer back to after the program end date.

If you're ready to make big moves to claim your freedom in 2024, this is the place to be, the goal is to get you from frozen in fear to MOVING toward your new life and future free from manipulation, power, and control.

Spaces are limited!

Because this is a new program, I am offering 50% off for this session ONLY for 10 women.

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