Thriving After Narcissistic Abuse | A Roadmap to Recovery and Healing

How To Take Back Your Peace and Find Healing After Leaving a Narcissistic Relationship 

You can thrive again, you can move past the pain, and you can heal!

This work is all about YOU becoming your own soulmate, your own best friend, and breaking your own toxic patterns so you can heal, grow and evolve and never get trapped in another toxic relationship EVER again!

When we truly love ourselves, we develop zero tolerance for nonsense and disrespect. So the work begins within.

You are the common denominator - this is especially true if you've been in several toxic relationships and find it difficult to get out of them.

Who is this program for?

TBTR is for conscious growth-oriented women who are ready to dig deep into their own soul-emotional healing work to break the patterns within them that have created conditions of ending up with abusive, selfish, manipulative, and narcissistic men. It is specifically created for women who are within the first year of exiting the relationship.

If you are newly single and feel like you don't know where to start with picking up the pieces of your life, you'll find guidance in this course for how to begin healing on every level.

What the TBTR program help you with:

Initially you will learn how to cope with the mental, emotional and physical 'aftershock' of leaving the relationship which typically comes within the first month or two after going no-contact. 

While doing this work you will learn how you ended up feeling trapped in an abusive relationship, the patterns within you that ignored the danger signs early on and allowed the relationship to progress even when you knew something was wrong.

You'll learn how you abandon yourself in relationships so you can stop putting others' needs before your own. You'll identify the traits that make you suceptible for being drawn to manipulators, and how to transform those traits to attract healthier men when you're ready to explore dating.

Dating and entering a new relationships (and avoiding toxic men): In the last week of the program, we will also be covering warning signs of unhealthy men to steer away from when you start dating again, how to know when you're ready to get back into dating, and how to test dating prospects early on to uncover dangerous personalities within weeks so you don't further invest in unhealthy relationships.

You will learn about your personality tendencies that make you vulnerable to unhealthy partners, how to set boundaries in early dating to identify narcissistic / abusive men, and how to navigate dating again when you're ready.

What's included:

  • 6 x 1 hour video classes (all pre-recorded) VALUED AT $6,000 Lifetime Access
  • Lifetime access to our SECRET Community (for connecting with other women in the program and to get your questions answered by me about the program materials you're working on)
  • Updates to the program at no extra charge

The TANA Transformation Process:

Module 1: Moving Through The Aftershock of Narcissistic Abuse

Topics covered in this session:

    • What to expect emotionally during those first few months of implimenting no/minimal contact (and why this is crucial to you recovering and regaining your peace and balance sooner, rather than extending the unhealthy connection)
    • What to expect physically immediately after leaving, and the months afterward, and how to take care of yourself in those early months post-separation 
    • What to expect mentally as you experience life without your ex-spouse 
    • Detoxing from the addiction (yes, it's akin to substance addiction and we will talk about why and how to cope)
    • Why it often gets (much) worse after the initial relief of the break up and what to do about it
    • Dealing with the anxiety and panic that sets in  (often within the first months of no-contact)
    • Real examples of women who leave and where they most get stuck 
    • How to come back to SELF and become a woman with standards and boundaries for what you will and will no longer accept in your relationships 
    • The Empower Hour Daily Foundation as Your daily self care and healing practice 
    • How to Stay No Contact with your ex (even when it feels like it might kill you or they won't leave you alone)
    • 12 Principles of staying on the path of no contact you MUST follow to truly move past this phase and heal

Module 2: Rewiring Your Nervous System 

Topics covered in this session:

  • Emotional triggers, (or Post Traumatic Stress) what they are, how to move through intense emotional reactions 
  • How to deal with flashbacks and memories of the abuse 
  • A meditation practice when hard feelings come up
  • How to step ruminating and actually get your life back (and get the sleep you need)
  • How to know if a trigger is present reality or a past experience (this is useful to know when you start dating again!)
  • Self soothing practices whne you feel inner turmoil, emotional overwhelm, or urges to reach out to your ex
  • Building inner safety and self trust so that you don't overextend your friends and relatives capacity to support you every moment you feel upset (this is really important!). This also applies if you have lack of good support from others who understand what happened to you, and what is still happening for you with your ex

Module 3: How To Become Your Own Soulmate 

Topics covered:

  • Defining your values and needs for a future relationship (even if the idea of this makes you want to throw up right now, better to be prepared, because you never know what might come your way)
  • Create your non-negotiables and deal breakers in a relationship 
  • Putting YOU first (and stop the HERO role)
  • How to never lose yourself in a relationship again
  • Reprogramming your negative self image and getting your ex (and his voice) out of your head - working with thought forms and challenging negative thinking 
  • Redefining what you want for this next chapter of your life, you get a do-over!
  • Creating a healing environment and balanced lifestyle (taking care of your own needs rather than expecting a man to come in and magically make you happy!)
  • Learning to love your alone time, dealing with loneliness 

Module 4: Navigating The Toughest Challenges After Leaving While Staying In Your Power (what women most struggle with on the other side)

Topics covered in this session:

  • Counter-parenting challenges and the effects on kids 
  • Learning the effects the abusive environment had on your kids, and how to best understand them and support them
  • Boundaries to set to protect your peace and limit access they have to  you
  • Going no/low contact (even if you have kids)
  • Handling how the ex sees you (and feeling like they are still in your head)
  • Coping with the nasty lies and things your ex is saying about you
  • Letting go of caring what the ex thinks of you 
  • How they will try to take your power even from afar, and how to prevent this
  • How to stop reacting to their behaviours and antics so you can maintain a clear mind and inner peace
  • How to deal with when they continue to try and mess with you
  • Easy ways to limit their access to you so you are not pulled into their chaos when you are trying to heal

Module 5: Identifying Your Traits That Make You Suceptible To Manipulators

Topics covered in this session:

  • The patterns, thinking and behaviors that keep you tolerating abuse and manipulation 
  • Traits and behaviours YOU have that make you rationalize abusive behavior and stay in toxic relationships 
  • How to overcome toxic empathy toward harmful men - when your empathy causes self harm
  • Codependency and putting others feelings before your own 
  • Discover your typical 'type' vs what you actually want and need in a partner 
  • How to identify red flags, see where you ignored them in your previous relationship, and learn how to handle them if they come up in new dating experiences 

Module 6: Dating And Avoiding Another Narcissist or Toxic Person

Topics covered in this session:

  • Are you ready to date? Signs you are, and signs you are definitley NOT
  • Using dating apps: Safety precautions, pros, and cons, vetting men from a High Value position rather than chasing and playing games
  • How to navigate your first new relationship after an abusive one - and make sure you're not getting into another bad relationship
  • How to handle triggers and old stuff from your past when it comes up in the present 
  • Increasing your 'narcissism radar' so you can spot clear alarm bells that someone is dangerous or not good for you early on
  • How to *test* a man during the early months to see if he's hiding abusive, dangerous, manipulative, or narcissistic personality traits
  • Healthy boundaries to set when dating or in early relationship stages
  • Know what you want and need in a relationship based on your values 
  • Know your absolute dealbreakers 
  • Know your unhealthy patterns and tendencies in love relationships 

Get started on your transformation today.

Once you join, you will get immediate access to all of this, and be invited to  our private TANA Facebook community!

I'll see you inside!

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