When You Know You Need to Go | Planning Your Relationship Separation and Exit Strategy

Should I Stay or Should I Go?

This course is for women who are in a relationship with a narcissist (or someone who has the traits and behaviours of one) and you are still wondering if he can change.

The process of this course will walk you through the following:

  • Plan an Intervention (optional). Once you get clear on what you want through the process I teach in this course, you will communicate this in a way that your spouse knows you are serious about your plans to end things if it doesn't change- this is not an ultimatum, or an opportunity for him to change for a little while, just to manipulate you
  • Set a Plan for Change and give it a deadline - after you have presented your partner with your new expectations and boundaries, as well as your ultimatum if he does not change, you will set a deadline to give him time to see what he does. In the meantime, you will continue with your own inner work, and taking steps toward planning your exit
  •  If You Decide to Leave - planning your next steps, what to do even when you aren't sure you're leaving
  • Create Your Exit Strategy -when you know you need to go, use this as your planning map, including everything you need to plan ahead for NOW even if you can't leave right away
  • How to Cope in The Meantime - once you know he is not going to change and you know you need to leave, how to cope with this awkward in-between stage of knowing you are leaving but still having to live with him in the same house in the meantime, while you take action toward your exit plan
  • How to have an in-house separation if you want to end the relationship but need to live together until you get things sorted out with your living situation or other factors that are stopping you from physically separating at this time

Bonus module

Disentangle: Get Clarity and Cut Through the Emotional Abuse Fog

  • Getting Clarity: Am I Really Experiencing Emotional Abuse?
  •  How to Know if Your Relationship Can Be Healed (and when you need to walk away)
  • 5 Steps to Emotionally Break Free From a Painful Love Relationship Masterclass

Think of this as your path to going from confusion to clarity and having an empowered plan to move forward. 

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